Crazy Car Offer

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Upto 45,000/- Off



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Crazy Car

How to get this deal:

  1. To visit the deal click Here
  2. Apply the mentioned coupon and buy the desired vehicle from Crazy Car Offer
  3. Meet the Seller and Take a Test Ride, Verify Documents
  4. Enjoy your New Droom Rides
  5. Keep Drooming

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This offer can’t be combined with any other offers
  2. Limited quantity or until sold
  3. Droom reserve the right to cancel your order and refund you the amount without explaining any reason (s)
  4. Single order per registered user
  5. Droom may ask for more information before processing your order
  6. The deal will be paid out to the seller as per Droom’s payment policy and after Droom’s verification process
  7. Droom’s buyer verification process will be before and/or after the transaction and can be on the phone or in person
  8. Droom will not approve any transactions unless they go through Droom’s buyer and seller verification process and documents required are submitted to the Droom team
  9. In case the order is executed without going through the verification process, then Droom will not be liable to pay for the same
  10. If Droom finds any cheating, fictitious transactions, collusion, or any other malpractices, then Droom deserves the right to cancel any such transactions
  11. This offer/deal can end anytime with our without prior notice
  12. Droom does not take any responsibilities of the item condition, authenticity or validity of documents
  13. Full transaction is considered closed once buyer and seller meets and complete their obligations
  14. Please refer item checklist before you meet seller for the successful transaction closure
  15. This offer can only be availed with the payment method and options mentioned in listing details or deal page
  16. The item will not be shipped unless mentioned explicitly otherwise
  17. Buyer is responsible of reaching out seller and coordinate the transaction closure process
  18. Buyer and sellers are responsible for following all the rules and regulations prescribed by RTO for buying, selling, transfer and registration
  19. Buyer will be responsible for an insurance that is required by the law
  20. There may be additional costs involved for transfer, registration and other services.
  21. Previous buyers of products under promotional offers from Droom will be subject to inquiry and would be barred from purchasing any products on Crazy Car Offer.
  22. Droom’s decision is final – please consult our dispute resolution team for any issues

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